The way we relate and recognize spaces and places as belonging/not belonging/alien/familiar is the foundation of my method of creating 3-dimensional objects.

Having opportunities to tour factories abroad ignited an interest in manufacturing, both professionally in product development and conceptually. Manufacturing is a brutal machine, but is also a sort of alchemy.

I grew up playing in haunted barns, rural junkyards, and the forgotten green spaces between housing developments – the cast-aside pieces of the manufacturing machine. The parts forgotten or deemed useless can be given new life with vastly different context. We can create new worlds out of the old one.

Here is a broad sampling of my physical work: art direction for film and stage, lasercut creations, metalworking pieces, and mechanical contraptions. I seek in all things to create a sense of wonder.

Art direction, a physical mood board for In The Garden Of St. Teresa

Experimental work – hand forged and fiber wrapped primitive electrical circuit

Lasercut birch for a small invention

Upcycled materials used to create an instrument. In this case, a hurdy gurdy – a medieval German drone instrument.

Electricity and mad science. Art direction for underground film.

Primitive metal casting techniques, from the age of the Vikings. Cuttlefish bone and solder.

Experimentation for special effects for film

Art direction work for underground film

Example of an art file for lasercutting. This is a design I created for a custom version of a popular board game.

Patching and darning and thrift shopping and hand-me-downs give garments a soul and honor the tremendous amount of design and sewing labor that goes into creating them. Here is a messy but lovingly mended piece I use to this day.

I was the first costume intern for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, integrating dress-up clothes to augment and enhance children’s learning experiences.

A matter of scale – incredibly tiny lasercut tokens for a board game. This level of detail is very difficult to achieve in this medium.

Art direction for a haunt experience

Lasercutting is one of my favorite techniques. The way the light is trapped in the lines etched in this acrylic is fascinating.

Set design for a Portland local theatre company

Art direction and prop design for underground film

Lasercut star map prop for film

I had the opportunity to work for Guildworks, cutting and sewing and learning their processes for creating large scale installations. These pieces are made from tricot fabric and sewn at high tension on an industrial sewing machine.

This is a little mechanical crankie, a moving picture machine operated by hand-cranking a long drawn scroll across the viewing window. This one features one of my favorite poems.