Pablo V. Cazares is a visual artist and designer interested in the interplay between The Other and the mundane, particularly through explorations of isolation. His primary goal in artmaking is to inspire a sense of wonder.

Beginning his career as a technical apparel designer for Hanna Andersson, he has also done apparel design work with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, product engineering for self-inflating travel pillows, and designed for Both&, a clothing brand that creates garments specifically for the transmasculine body. He has been featured as a guest instructor for and at the Oregon City Service Learning Academy. One of his pieces was featured in a group show at Portland Fashion Week. He runs Community Stitch PDX, a community sewing makerspace in Portland, and was recently chosen as a mentor-designer for the annual SH/FT Fashion Show through Young Audiences Arts For Learning of Oregon.

His fine art works have been shown in two galleries throughout the Portland area: the Afru Gallery, and the Parallax Art Center. He created an installation piece at the Hypnagogia Festival in 2019. He was awarded a residency at the Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham, Washington. Pablo holds an associates degree in

Apparel Design from The Art Institute of Portland. He is currently completing his B.S. in Art Practice at Portland State University.

Outside his art practice, he also created and curates The t4t Art Collective, a group dedicated to giving trans artists opportunities to show their work, and hosting monthly trans figure drawing sessions.

Also involved in the performing arts, Pablo has performed at the Shrewsbury and Canterbury Renaissance Festivals, as well as the Texas Renaissance Festival. Pablo has performed with and produced the Genderbomb Community Theatre Project,

Kruger’s Farm Haunted Corn Maze, and Ace of Ruin Piratical Entertainment.

Recently, I have been getting approached to create teaching materials and instructional videos.

I feel that the scope of my experiences and perspective makes for compelling and relevant content.

I am pleased to announce that I am available to create lessons, tutorials, and projects.

I currently create lessons for UniversityOf in focused in:

CAD, illustration, technical design techniques.

I've also created art concept videos for high school art classes, and technical apparel construction textbook content for The Sew Pro School of Couture.

Feel free to reach out to me via email at

My Patreon is an opportunity to get a peek inside my process, a virtual artist's sketchbook.

Several subscription tiers are set up, from access to exclusive content to monthly art pieces direct to your mailbox via post.

Another tier offers a monthly custom art piece, a sort of recurring commission. This is great for small projects that need content as they grow.

Subscribing offers an inside look at my process and my experimental works. You can find and subscribe here.

As a freelancer, I am always looking for new projects that inspire,

or challenges that require creative innovation.

An adventurer at heart, I’m also open to traveling for projects.

Reach out to me with your ideas!

Collaboration makes big ideas come true.

For all other inquiries, email me at