The act of weaving is lengthy and often laborious, providing plenty of time for internal reflection. The machine / the loom creates a connected but dissociated relationship between the work and the weaver. I wanted to see what the CODE OF MY BODY may be. What movements do I naturally repeat without the interference of my mind? If I wove a piece without plan, would patterns naturally emerge? Or would it be chaos? How close to my subconscious can I make the process of weaving?

To induce this state, this piece exclusively in a darkened room, listened to an album that I've trained my body to sleep to every night (Earth, “The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull”), create random frame/pedal connections (each frame was represented, at least 3 times, each pedal lifted at least 3 yarns, but otherwise did not plan. > Break indications in yellow/orange stripes signify moments where I had to break the trance (bathroom and stretching breaks).

To my eye, patterns DO begin to emerge in the structure…