Pablo V. Cazares (born in Salinas, California) is a sculpture artist and painter based in Portland, Oregon. 

  1. Themes Cazares has been exploring in his work currently include the materiality of memory and the power of re-crafting our own narratives, depersonalization and superstition in a digital landscape that has already outpaced our ability to understand it, and gender alchemy and self-creation through biomaterials.

His work has been shown in Oregon at the Parallax Art Center, Afru Gallery, MK Gallery, and Western Oregon University's Cannon Gallery, with upcoming shows in Brooklyn and Seattle. He will also be participating in the 2024 Oregon Contemporary Biennial.

In addition to showing work on the wall, he is interested in community building. In 2021 he created The t4t Art Collective to provide transgender artists an opportunity to show work and build community, which he now curates and facilitates.

Pablo holds a B.S. in Art Practice from Portland State University, as well as an associates degree in Apparel Design. He'll be attending the Rhode Island School of Design for his MFA in Sculpture Fall 2024, and this summer will be attending a session at Pilchuck Glass School.

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