bacterial cellulose

A material experiment with bacterial cellulose, grown from kombucha cultures. This material is extremely adaptable, and can be stiff, flexible, opaque, transparent, hard as MDF or papery as onion skin. This sample is stiff, and has been allowed to dry naturally, curling and curving in reaction to the air and its own cellular structure. Elevated on a precarious scaffolding that follows its natural curved forms, it is delicately balanced to express the feeling of vulnerability that comes with hope of a better future.

Outside of raising awareness or creating advertisements, what role do artists play in the climate crisis? I believe we are to work as artist-alchemists, exploring new materials and processes, informed by our creative practice. As alchemists, we seek the spiritual perfection of matter. Perfection being a subjective concept, our unconventional experiments and ideation processes are a valuable resource, fueling creative solutions that would not be otherwise considered.