Every day, we receive new material/experiences with which to weave the fabric of our lived reality. But, we are our own weavers: our perspectives dictate how that material takes shape. In this same way, we can control our past – we can allow our egos to identify with past pain narratives (which strengthens those narratives), or we can assert our own power as creators and change them.

If weaving creates the fabric of our reality, then the building of looms means we are crafting God’s own tools. In this way, the building of a loom is an intentional statement of autonomy and empowerment: we can create the prima materia of the world ourselves.

Strings run along the walls and trace the architecture of the space. Weights at the far side of the machine are salvaged wooden spindles from the Pendleton Woolen Mill. Both Typewriter Looms are functional. These devices function because sewing needles are adhered to each striking letter, acting as heddles lifting each string as letters are struck. 







Operating the Typewriter-Loom