“In The Middle of The Journey of Our Life, I Came to My Senses in a Dark Forest”

“Hoarders and Wasters Pursue Useless Labor, A Lost Ambition”

“Malébolgé, Ten Trenches For Betrayers of Trust”

“Virtuous Pagans and Unbaptized Infants Float in a Valley of Melancholy and Desire Without Hope”

“Stillness Before Entering The Realm of The Violent, Against God, Self, and Others”

“Bemired Souls of The Rageful and The Sullen Thrash and Sink in The Pit”

“The Vestibule of Hell, For Centrists and Angels Who Did Not Pick A Side In The Battle Against God”

“The Heretical, Trapped Within Burning Tombs”

“Frozen In Icy Torment, Betrayers of Kin and Allegiance”

“As Doves Summoned By their Desire, The Lustful Are Tormented Forever By Storm-winds”

“All Senses Afflicted, The Gluttonous Are Tormented By Cerberus, Who Is Only Quieted Upon Consuming Filth”

“At The Center Of The Universe, I Did Not Die And I Did Not Stay Alive, Gazing Upon The Face Of The Enemy”


These 12 pieces are all approximately 4 by 7 inches and rendered with black ink and white pencil. They were created in April and May of 2020 in the Sonoran Desert. They show imagery described in Dante Alighieri’s classic work Dante’s Inferno, showing his levels of Hell and other notable moments.